How to rent a bike

Unregistered users

Press a brake to activate the bike. Check handlebar display. Tap your payment card on the card reader behind the seat

App users

Download the app and register. Then choose a tariff. On the map page in the app press START RIDE, scan the QR code behind the bike seat then squeeze a brake.

When the back light is red, the rental has started

How to return the bike

Unregistered users

Tap your payment card on the card reader again


All users

When stopped, squeeze 3 times quickly with either brake


App users

Press RETURN in the app

When the lights go out, the rental is ended and you can see the cost on the bike display /p>

Where to park

To park for free, follow the P on the bike display or if you have the app, find a parking place on the map

Or park somewhere else for a fee which you can see on the display

There are some zones where you are not allowed to park EXCEPT at a parking place

Where can I ride?

You can ride anywhere inside the thick red line on the map. If you cross this line, the bike will stop.

I cannot rent a bike

It is possible that the bike you have selected has a low battery level and is waiting for a replacement or has another technical problem. Try to rent another bike nearby or call a customer line.

I cannot return the bike

The bike needs to be outside with a view of the sky and a GSM signal.

Check on the handlebar display if you are in a No Parking zone. If yes, go to the nearest parking place

If the bike still does not return, contact customer service.

Credit card not authorized

If you have credit on your card, this problem is usually due to the fact that you are required to input your PIN from time to time and the bike has no PIN pad. If you buy something else and input your PIN, you will then be able to rent a bike by tapping on the reader behind the seat.

Why use the app?

Registering on the app allows you to:

  • Select a different tariff that may suit you more
  • Pause the rental when you want a break and want to keep the bike
  • Get your full ride history
  • Change the engine profile to get a more or less speedy bike