Freebike OnePass vs. Login and PIN

There is new auth system for all Freebike systems called Freebike OnePass. Using your phone number you can rent a bike in any Freebike system all over the World.

Login number and numeric PIN.

If you already have you Login card number and numeric PIN, you can log in. These data are mandatory for rent bike from station without Freebike mobile app. Login data are available in Freebike app, if you need it for any purpose.

I already have login number and digital pin and I want to my own Freebike OnePass.

Make a new Freebike OnePass registration, if you provide the same phone number as you provide in your first registration, your Freebike OnePass will connected to you previous account in this system. If there will be no match in phone number, new account for this system will be created (without your ride history).

Freebike OnePass

Using Freebike OnePass you can log in to all Freebike systems only with your phone number and one password. New registration to bikesharing system now create Freebike OnePass, you don't need any other login for rent bike using Freebike mobile app.

Freebike OnePass is required for using Freebike mobile app